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The Florida Aviation Hall of Fame was originally conceived and proposed by the Jacksonville Chapter of FAHS in the late 1990's.  The late Admiral John Ingle, Jr. and members of the Society researched models from other states and the name was registered to FAHS with the State of Florida.  Following a lengthy search of organizations and sites best-equipped to host our enterprise, the FAHS Board came to an agreement with the official Florida Air Museum at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, under the leadership of former NASA astronaut Greg Harbaugh.  The inaugural induction ceremonies took place on 17 December 2003, which was the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is comprised of aviation historians from around the State, who serve at the FAHS Board’s pleasure.  Nominations (see procedure below) are voted on annually in November by the Selection Committee.  Inductions take place at FAHS annual luncheons in St. Petersburg in February, and ceremonies follow at the Florida Air Museum during the annual Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo in April.

Florida Aviation Hall of Fame Guidelines

The Florida Aviation Historical Society founded the Florida Aviation Hall of Fame to recognize

those who have made significant contributions to, or achievements in aviation.

Concept: To promote the importance of aviation and its history in Florida.

It is important that appropriate recognition and honor be bestowed upon those individuals

who, by their actions or achievements, have made outstanding contributions to aviation.

The Florida Aviation Hall of Fame (FAHOF) is established as an integral part of the aviation

activity of the state, and is to be managed and operated by the Florida Aviation Historical Society,

in cooperation with other state aviation organizations. The Florida Aviation Historical Society,

(FAHS) is a non-profit corporation founded September, 29,1977, incorporated January 7, 1980,

privately supported for public good and dedicated to the preservation of our aviation heritage.

Criteria for Enshrinement:

A. Retired military and civilian personnel, living or dead, are eligible providing they are no

longer on active duty or employed by the Federal Government.

B. Inductee will normally be selected from one or more of the following categories:

  1. Individuals recognized for sustained superior performance in or for aviation activities.
  2. Individuals who have made superior contributions in the technical or practical development of aviation activities.
  3. Retired military personnel recognized for the unique and superior flight achievement in combat or non-combat flight operations

Definitions & Guidelines:

Selection Committee - A committee for the purpose of soliciting nominations and judging

nominations for the FAHOF. Appointed by the FAHS Board of Directors, the committee will

consist of seven to eleven Florida citizens and be FAHS members in good standing. The

FAHOF Selection Committee shall meet annually.

Selection Committee Chairman - A member of the FAHOF Selection Committee appointed

by the FAHS Board of Directors. The FAHOF Selection Committee Chairman is responsible

for the organization, coordination and planning of the nominations, elections and induction


Inductee - A person officially approved by the FAHOF Selection Committee for induction

into the Florida Aviation Hall of Fame.

Nominee - A person officially accepted by the FAHOF Selection Committee for consideration

as a possible inductee. Once accepted as a nominee, an individual will remain in that status

for five years.

Candidate for Nomination - A person recommended to the FAHOF Selection Committee to

consider as a possible inductee. The person or group recommending an individual for

nomination will follow the nomination procedure and submit the FAHOF nominee data sheet and

required documents to the FAHOF Chairman.

Elections - The FAHOF Selection Committee will vote by ballot for no more than two inductees

each year.

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